You Choose

You choose how many nights worth of meals you would like, and for how many. Catering for either 2 or 4 people (these are generous, so enough for left overs or little ones). Choose from 3, 4, or 5 nights.

You Order

Go to 'Order Your Box' and order a one-off box or subscribe weekly or fortnightly. Orders made by 10pm Monday will have their meals delivered on the Sunday afternoon.

You Cook

You cook up a storm with the freshest, free range produce following Kate’s simple and always tasty recipes.

Frequently asked questions

When is the order cut off for Sunday delivery?

Due to the labour intensive nature of what we do, and to ensure our suppliers have enough time to pick and deliver the freshest and best produce to us, the cut off for each week is 10.00pm Monday. This is the latest we can possibly accept your order and payment. If payment isn’t made by this time, we will consider your order unconfirmed and any payment made after this time will be carried over to the following week.

I’d like to order a one-off, will I have to commit to a subscription?

You can order a one-off, or choose to have a weekly, or fortnightly set up, whichever way you’d like.

How will I know what the weeks menu will be?

We update our facebook and web page every Tuesday with the next weeks menu. You will also get an email to let you know.