Another hot week

Boy, this heat has really hung around! I’ve just been for a whirlwind trip to the South Island and the temperatures on the local gauges were hitting 39 degrees! That’s a bit too tropical for this fella. The positive side of it is all the time we can spend swimming and at the beach, however the negative impact is how hard it hits the produce in the field.

Just like us, the fruit and veges feel the strain under the intense heat we’ve been having, and it does shorten the shelf life of the more delicate products in our boxes. I do ask that you let us know if you are having any issues around veges lasting the distance. Our delivery drivers have been feeling it also, as Sunday’s seem to really turn it up temperature wise. I’ve been reading some really positive feedback through the forms we send out, and some very constructive critique as well, so keep them coming, we may not be able to answer them individually but rest assured we are reading every single one and taking it on board. 

Kate’s finally persuaded me to let her put Pork Ribs on the menu this week, as I’ve been a bit hesitant about it, but I am really looking forward to giving them a whirl. I, for one will be cooking as much as I can this week on the BBQ, as it is far too hot to be stuck inside, mind you, as I write this, it is definitely cooling down outside. I hope you enjoy the menu this week, it looks amazing again, and the pork ribs along with my favourite Italian Sausage, which I won a gold medal for, are sure to go down a treat. Have a great week in the beautiful Hawke’s Bay!

Happy Eating,

- Paul