There is nothing better!

Hello! Well, we are halfway through the year, which means that we must be about to see Christmas decorations up in some shops 😉. Seriously though, this year is absolutely flying by, with July already here, and we have started to see the beginning of the good winter frosts, along with the Ruahine Ranges looking stunning with a huge amount of snow on them. Whilst the days are sunny, the wind has a very cold bite to it, that goes right to the bone. There is nothing better, on days like this, than arriving home to the smell of a slow cooked meal, ready to go, like the pork shoulder chop recipe we have for you this week.

I have been run ragged in the butchery this week, cutting all the On Your Plate meat and serving my regular customers, as I’m two butchers down, and haven’t found suitable replacements yet, so it’s a very tired butcher writing this at 5am, on the Friday it is supposed to go to print, so forgive me if things don’t quite make sense. It’s been quite refreshing though, getting stuck back into the cutting side of the butchery, as it doesn’t give much time for the mind to wander, and the customer interaction is something I really enjoy. There have been some good yarns over the meat cabinet this week, a big topic being Air NZ’s infamous meat free burger pattie, and the future of being a meat eater in NZ, especially with the direction lamb prices are heading.

I’ve really been enjoying coming home, to the On Your Plate meals that Kate has been rolling out, a highlight last week in our house, was the Sweet and Sour Pork. It would go down as one of my all-time faves. I hope you enjoy this week’s offering of local Hawke’s Bay food, along with some awesome recipes.

Happy Eating