Every little bit helps

What a week it’s been! From balmy “earthquake” weather, to the gnarliest frost we’ve seen so far! It’s really has been a mixed bag this week. Speaking of mixed bags, with “plastic free July” in full swing, the use of plastic has been a hot topic in the shop all week. In the butchery we are fortunate that we can still wrap 90% of our products in paper.

On Your Plate is not so lucky, as we need to transport the food and still maintain it’s freshness and shelf life, which is the biggest challenge. We can, however, rationalise our use of plastic. The bags we use for herbs and cut veges are all biodegradable and some are also compostable. The one area we can cut down on is the use of plastic sleeves for our recipes, which we have decided to stop from the next delivery. We will be getting the recipes hole punched to enable those of you who keep them in folders to carry on doing do. This not only serves to help us reduce our plastic use, but also to curb the ever-rising cost of putting the boxes together. As they say, “every little bit helps”.

This week I am really looking forward to the Lamb Curry that Kate has created. I spent quite some time cutting the lamb leg and shoulder meat for this meal, and with a blend of both cuts, the flavour and tenderness will be amazing. I hope you enjoy this week’s offering, and don’t forget to flip over and check out next week’s menu.

Happy Eating