Holiday Buzz!

I hope you all had a happy and safe Easter. I was working away in the Village all weekend, and it was great to see it positively buzzing. Great weather and public holiday’s always mix well!

It’s been a busy time at On Your Plate H.Q., with Bex stepping into the customer services role, to help Kate and I keep sourcing the best local ingredients and creating new and exciting recipes.

The feedback forms we send out with the order confirmation emails have been coming back thick and fast, and I’m proud to say they have been very positive, and any little issues are very constructive and helpful. So, thank you to all that have sent them in, we really appreciate it.

The menu this week is veritable of who’s who of locals! From Danny’s handmade Gigli Pasta to Hohepa’s incredible Tasty Cheese, combined with The Village Butchers own dry cure Bacon it makes a Mac n Cheese like you’ve never experienced! The Lamb Meatballs paired with a homemade Hummus give a great Middle Eastern flavour, then over to Asia with the pork stir-fry. I’m sure you will all really enjoy this week!

I hope you all have a great week and I’m looking forward to trying next week’s menu.

Happy Eating

- Paul