It's our first birthday!

This week’s delivery marks the one-year anniversary for On Your Plate! Both Kate & I are proud of this, and we hope you, as our loyal customers, are too. It was one year ago when we started to support our local growers, and bringing Hawkes Bay locals closer to the paddock to plate reality.

This week I am really just wanting to say thank you to some key people that have helped us reach this milestone. 

Firstly, to Chris, Liv & the rest of the team at No9 Marketing & Design in Ahuriri, who take care of our website, and print all our recipes etc. From the first meeting, to launching the website, to now, you have been nothing but supportive, and enthusiastic for us to do well. Thank You.

John & Gretta from Raupare Gardens, who supply the bulk of our vegetables, and have put us in touch with other local growers, and given great advice on the handling of the produce. Oh, and the odd mercy run, when we may have miscalculated the amount of veges we needed. Thank You.

Roger & Linda, Mick & Jane. Our parents. I’m sure Kate will join me in thanking our parents for the endless chats, tired, grumpy replies to questions, and general over enthusiasm to keep in check over the last 12 months. Thank You.

Our awesome team. We started out hiring Bex a couple of months after we started, and she now heads up our team, with Nicky, Samara and Rebecca joining later, helping with everything, from organising production, deliveries, packing boxes, recipe development and accounts. Our packaging team of Bethelle and her helpers, Briar, Flick, and Greta, get all our packaging ready each week and we will do a feature on them in the coming weeks. Our delivery drivers, Bex, Anna, Matt, Marko, Rebecca, and Mick & Jane. Without all of you, we could never hope to get the boxes out each week. Thank You.

Last, but certainly not least, You, our customer. We really appreciate you giving us the opportunity to showcase what Hawkes Bay has to offer, and enjoying our delicious recipes each week. I love hearing the feedback we get when people single out certain recipes that have been a favourite of theirs, or their families. Without you we would have never had the chance to get this off the ground. Thank You.

So, wrapping up this week, it’s been a fantastic year. I have loved every minute of it, and we definitely have a few things on the go for the coming year. Just to find the time to get them underway is the challenge.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and this blog for announcements and new initiatives. Have a great week, and I hope you enjoy this week’s menu.

Happy Eating,

- Paul