It's that time of year...

It’s that time of the year, that Christmas rapidly is becoming a reality! Love it or loathe it, it’s something that is far better to be prepared for than not. I personally love Christmas, as it’s a great opportunity to spend time with my family, and reflect on what has been a hectic year.

As we did last year, On Your Plate will be able to help you avoid the queues and crowded supermarkets. Last year the boxes were very popular, and the customer feedback was amazing. Each box contains a free range NZ cooked on the bone ham, made by yours truly at The Village Butcher, and also gives you the option to choose from either a beef, pork, lamb or chicken roast to accompany your Christmas dinner. Also arriving in the box is the ingredients for three different canapes, three side dishes and to complete the day, three dessert recipes and ingredients. It’s very good value for a three course meal!

On Your Plate will be sending out an email flyer with much more detail. You should see this by mid next week at the very latest. If you haven’t received one, please drop me a line and I will ensure you get one. 

Our menu this week is one of fresh spring flavours, highlighted in the salads, and making a rare appearance in the box, is the free range pork tenderloin or fillet. This cut of pork is super lean, and rivals the best beef cuts for tenderness, especially if you follow Kate’s cooking techniques. I hope you have a great week this week, and if you’re a parent whose kids are returning to school, I hope you take a moment to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. 

Happy eating,

- Paul