New local product

Welcome to On Your Plate for another week. Hopefully you have all started to see some semblance of routine return to your lives, as the kids go back to school and workplaces get back to normal.

I, for one, know how much my kids were looking forward to getting back to seeing their friends at school, (almost as much as I was). You may have noticed we have started including some products from Maison Therese in our boxes. This has been mainly due to some feedback we received in regards to making at least one meal, a very quick and easy meal. By using Maison Therese products, which are locally made, using natural ingredients, we can still create a wonderful tasting recipe, while also cutting out on some of the more time consuming elements. I hope you have enjoyed the two products we have used so far. The red pepper relish on the Pork ribs was my favourite so far. This week we have Pork Scotch Fillet back on the menu, which has always been a favourite, and we also have a classic family favourite with the nacho meal. Just mention nachos in my household and the kids come running from miles away. Waitangi Day threw a little curveball in the middle of this week, and some of you will not have received all the confirmation emails this week, as we didn’t get a lot of payments through until Wednesday due to the public holiday, so my apologies if that caused you to worry. 

I hope you all enjoy this weeks menu, and have an awesome week in the Bay!

Happy Eating,

- Paul