On Your Plate improvements

Welcome to another week of delicious On Your Plate meals. I’m going to take the opportunity to talk about the small improvements we have begun to implement, as I wrote about last week.

The first improvement is based around our website accounts set up and giving you the ability to pause and resume your own subscriptions, which we feel adds flexibility to allow you to skip weeks when OYP food boxes don’t quite fit your week to week living. When you log in to your account you will find “manage subscription” in grey lettering in the black bar at the top of the pop up window. If you click this it will show your active subscriptions, and allow you to pause, or cancel. We will be notified of your cancellation via email. The important thing to remember though, is your payment day. As you all know our cut-off is Monday night, but some of you pay as early as the Tuesday the week before, so you need to make sure, if you have paused or wish to pause, you need to pause it before your payment day, and restart it before the next payment day in the cut-off “week” for want of a better term. Always remember that any payment made between Tues – Mon is made for the following weekend. 

The other item we launched this week, is a very simple feedback survey, that was sent out with your weekly order confirmation emails. It will hopefully be useful to you, and enable you to let us know what you enjoy about our service, or what you find not quite right. The survey allows you to put you name and email if you wish to be contacted, or it can be completely anonymous if you so choose. Any feedback will be confidential; however, we may contact you (if we know who you are 😉) if we would like to use your feedback as a testimonial. Obviously, we would not proceed without your permission. The feedback form is a work in progress, but I have tried to make it as easy as possible and as quick as possible. No questions are mandatory, so you can just skip ones you don’t want to answer. Check it out, and I hope to hear from you.

This week we have Orcona Chilli’s back on board with their wonderful capsicums in season. The produce they grow is always so vibrant and colourful, and we can’t wait until more of their great products come into season. Orcona is a great local producer, and as you know, we are all about supporting our locals. I hope you have a great week and enjoy this week’s menu. 

Happy Eating

- Paul