New produce labels!

They say time flies when you’re having fun, so I must be having fun by the truckload! Mid Feb already, which means summer is nearing its end and the autumn weather begins, with very changeable conditions, much like we have seen this past week.

I thought the high temperatures were crazy, but this mugginess we a have had this past week is just something else. It is very reminiscent of Auckland weather, and shows how lucky we are in the Bay, that this weather is not the norm.

Continuing with our theme of improving our service, I am trialling a labelling machine, that should enable us to label all our herbs and other ingredients, which will make the job of distinguishing which is which, a bit easier, especially between parsley and coriander! I’m not quite sure how it will look, as I am writing this before the labeller even arrives, so fingers crossed it all works out ;)

We have a new local product from Orcona this week. A dried ancho chilli, which is a sweet chili, used a lot in Mexican dishes, but we have taken the flavour, and fused it into the Chinese Inspired Kung Pao Chicken, and it works well! I’m really looking forward to the nice fresh flavours we have going on in our menu this week.

Please let us know via our feedback form how the new labelling works for you, and I hope you all enjoy this week’s menu.

Happy Eating,

- Paul