School Holidays!

Hopefully all the parents out there are surviving the holidays. It can be really hard trying to keep the little (and big!) one’s hands and minds occupied during these two weeks. One benefit of having the kids home, is the opportunity to get those extra hands helping in the kitchen, and using the On Your Plate recipes to teach them some new skills!

A few months ago, my 9-year-old asked me if he could cook dinner that night. Jordy is a huge fan of taco’s, and had spied the recipe in the box, and wanted to have a go. At first, I was erring on the side of caution, but after a bit of insistence from him, I let him go for it. A bit of guidance during the chopping, and a bit of cautioning around the hot pan etc, and we were away. Mince and Sausage type recipes are really good ones for kids to start learning to cook, as the chopping and knife work is usually a lot less than meat based recipes, and the heat involved is also usually lower, with no spitting oils etc.

This week the Pork Sausage and home-made Tomato Sauce recipe is perfect for the kids to have a go at. Jordy managed to get the whole meal cooked and ready to serve, with minimal input from me, meaning I nearly felt like I had a night off! Now to try and inspire them to want to clean the dishes. This week’s menu is again designed to give you both indoor or outdoor cooking options. The Greek Lamb Shoulder Chops is one recipe I am really looking forward to. A lot of people look down on the humble lamb shoulder chop, but in my opinion, it is one of the best lamb cuts, due mainly to its versatility. It can be baked, crumbed, grilled, BBQ’d or slow cooked. The meat has so much flavour, and being quality NZ lamb will still be tender and tasty.

I hope you enjoy the menu this week, have a great one.

Happy Eating,

- Paul