Time for a belly warmer!

Well that was a blast of cold, windy and wild weather! It was like going from Summer to Winter at 100 miles an hour. The menu this week, was still with the thought we would be into the mild Autumn we have been experiencing. There is still a couple of nice light salads on the menu, paired with fantastic New Zealand beef and lamb. Keep an eye on the forecast though, and save the bangers and mash with gravy meal, for a cooler night, as its quick and easy and a real belly warmer!

The rump steak with a butternut and beetroot salad is the perfect Autumn meal. Soy and ginger poached chicken breast is also on the lighter side, with rice noodles helping instead of pasta noodles, the meal is a very warming addition to the menu.

Daylight savings is well and truly gone now, and I hope all your body clock’s have made the adjustment. With the darker evenings and the nights cooling down in Hawke’s Bay, we find a surge in the number of boxes being ordered each week, as we are all less inclined to traipse through the shops looking for inspiration. Please remember our referral system, and if you have any friends and family looking to make those cold wintery nights easier, send them our way, and save a bit of money in the process! I hope you have a great week and enjoy this weeks menu. Don’t forget to flip the page and check out next week’s menu. It looks amazing.

Happy Eating,

- Paul