Tis the season!

The weeks are really flying by, seemingly faster and faster. Christmas is fast becoming a reality, and I can already hear the Christmas bells ringing. Christmas in Hawkes Bay is just amazing, with great weather, fantastic produce and even better people!

I’m really looking forward to the festive season, albeit with a hint of trepidation, with the amount of work already piling up with the Christmas orders for On Your Plate and at the butchery. On the Christmas note, another reminder to order our Christmas box to help make this Christmas that much easier!

I’ve been hearing a lot of great feedback from our customers about the welcome change in seasonal vege’s, and the great salads that are coming out of Kate’s kitchen. Long may it last! The opportunity to help you create amazing meals at home, is made even easier by the ability to barbecue the cuts of meat we provide. Grilling meat on the barbecue imparts such a great smoky flavour to the meat, it’s almost a crime that we can’t do it all year round.

This weeks menu is again a cracker with some awesome recipes, and I have to say the Lamb leg steaks with Halloumi is one of my favourites. Hohepa Farms make the best halloumi, and it’s always a treat when it’s on the menu.

I hope you all have a great week, and on a side note, I hope you all join me in wishing our awesome packaging team the best, as they are off to the Special Olympic National’s in Wellington this week.

Happy Eating,

– Paul