Welcome back, holiday adventurer's!

For all our customers who headed away during the school holidays, we welcome you all back and hope you all had some amazing adventures with your families.

There is another six weeks of Autumn before we start seeing our seasonal winter produce and this week we have a well-balanced menu catering for the very changeable weather we have been having. There are recipes well suited for the really cool evenings such as Dijon Free-range Chicken with classic mash along with a slow-cooked Balinese Pork meal. The Balinese Pork incorporates some traditional Asian ingredients which really bring the dish to life, with the use of Kecap Manis and Tamarind Puree. We have included in the recipe ways of substituting these ingredients, simply with the use of standard pantry items which will work just as well if you would prefer.

The Barbecue Sauce Pork Belly definitely has that Autumn theme happening, with the warmth of the pork coupled with a fresh green salad and golden butternut straight from the organic gardens at Epicurean, perfect for a night where you’re looking for a meal to put together quickly.

Please remember our feedback link that appears at the bottom of your order confirmation emails, we would love to hear from you so we can keep on striving to bring you the best Hawkes Bay has to offer, in the best ways possible.

Happy Eating

- Bex