Welcome to winter!

Welcome to winter! It’s now June and you can really feel it in the air! It’s also a bit scary how fast this year is flying by, almost halfway through 2018, and I’ve barely gotten used to the idea that it isn’t 2017 anymore.

With the winter closing in, we are bound to see the range of vegetables decrease, and the winter varieties come on. Kate is a bit of a guru at the hearty winter meals, such as beef casseroles and pulled pork, so I look forward to seeing those recipes back on the menu. 

The seasonal change has been very quick to take place in the butcher shop as well, with the likes of beef cheeks, chuck steak, brisket and lamb shanks all having a marked increase in sales. It must also be soup season as well, as our bacon bones and hocks are under such demand that we can’t keep up.

This week’s menu is a cracker, with the Lamb Kofta one of my all time favourites, and the Japanese Beef Rump being a firm fan favourite that we have done before. Don’t forget to check out next week’s menu and get your orders in. Winter is a busy time at On Your Plate, as the nights get longer and darker, people really value the idea of having the meals at home ready to cook, without stopping at supermarkets etc on the way home. So if you hear people saying how hard it is to get home before it’s too could, make sure you tell them about us! We’d appreciate it. I hope you enjoy what we have created for you this week, and I look forward to next week.

Happy Eating

- Paul