What a change!

As I sit here writing this, it is absolutely bucketing down outside! It’s amazing how quickly the brain switches over to winter mode. One day of wet weather and I’m already thinking about the slow cooker and lighting the fire and rugging up!

The quick change over has caught our menu off guard this week, with it still being a tad BBQ oriented, however the lamb racks will be absolutely amazing in the oven. NZ Lamb racks are, quite simply, the best in the world, and I have managed to secure some export grade racks, which we don’t generally see on the market in NZ. I am sure you will enjoy them!

I’m now looking forward to a bit of cooler weather approaching and giving Kate the opportunity to crack out some delicious slow cooker recipes. The aroma in the house of the slow cooker bubbling away in the corner, reminds me of winter days, growing up in Takapau, and coming in from outside, wet and cold, and tucking into one of Mum’s casseroles that she always had on the go, on top of the potbelly stove. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t as gourmet as one of Kate’s recipes, but the memories of it are the best.

I would also like to remind you about the referral system Bex touched on last week. We are hoping you will help us to increase awareness of On Your Plate, to help keep us growing the local food bag market against the out of town services, and in doing so, we would like to reward you. If you get one of your friends or family to sign up, make sure they put your name in the “extra delivery instructions” when they order, and we will refund/credit you $5 per referral. 

I hope you have managed to stay warm and dry, and that you enjoy the menu this week.

Happy Eating

- Pau