What a cracker!

What a cracker start to the summer! The heat we are experiencing this week is almost unbelievable, and proving almost too much for a certain butcher, who is used to working in much cooler conditions. I feel like a polar bear stranded in the Sahara Desert!! Here’s hoping it continues though, because there is nothing better than a classic Kiwi Summer.

It’s been a pretty busy week at On Your Plate with quite a few subscription changes as the students arrive back from uni, or just extra family arriving home for Christmas. Our food boxes are a great way to get the whole family involved in the cooking, and you might even arrive home to find dinner ready for you, if you are lucky enough.

This week’s menu is a nice light summery bunch of recipes, designed with the BBQ in mind, to make the most of the hot summer nights. As far as steaks go, you are hard pressed to find a better steak, for the BBQ, as a perfectly cooked piece of NZ Sirloin.

This will be the last week we can take any orders for our Christmas boxes, so if you are still looking to order one, please do so, as we only have a few left. Please order via email to orders@onyourplate,co.nz.

Take it easy out there and enjoy the heat, but always make sure you take a break out of the sun, as we all know the Hawke’s Bay sun can be a double edged sword. I hope you enjoy this week’s menu.

Happy Eating,
- Paul