Wintery cold snaps and Beef Cheeks!

Wow! This cold snap has really taken hold, and the cold breeze goes right through to the bones. We have had the first drop of snow and seen the first winter road closures! Do not despair though, as Kate has come to the rescue with some fantastic home-style cooking that will warm you up from head to toe.

The Beef Cheeks with Ola Pacifica Chocolate is one recipe that we have brought back from last year, and after the rave reviews it received last year, we really had no choice but to use it again. Beef Cheeks are an amazing cut, that has really been in vogue for the last couple of years, which puts real pressure on the supply, driving the price up. The Cumberland Sausage with Fennel and Apple is a quick and easy, one dish meal, that is sure to be a hit with the fam, while also cutting down on the dishes, because who needs more dishes to wash in their lives! The colder weather has been hitting hard and fast, and as mentioned last week has seen the seasonal cuts really spike in sales in the butchery, as everyone is cracking out the slow cookers. 

On another note, our amazing packaging guru’s have been busy smashing the pavement, out in your streets, delivering fliers to letter boxes! Be sure to wave out and say hi if you see them! Briar, Flick and Greta do an amazing job for us, and huge thanks to Bethelle who keeps them motivated and makes the job as enjoyable for the girls as she can. You will find in the box this week a newsletter outlining the other amazing escapades the girls have been up to!

Thank you for your continued support and I hope you enjoy our menu this week, and as usual, check out next week’s menu over the page!